COVID19 Health & Safety

As Illinois reopens for business, I wanted to share with you updates I have made to Rosie Hunter Artistry in light of COVID19. To ensure the utmost safety for all parties involved, I have revamped my hygiene practices as well as health guidelines for appointments. The goal is to have full transparency between the client and artist, and I thank you in advance for your cooperation regarding these guidelines. This is truly an unprecedented time, but I know with these extra steps we can continue to create beautiful moments together. I thank you so much for your continued support of my small business, and I look forward to seeing your beautiful faces soon!


• Appointments at personal residences will be taken on a case-by-case basis. Client must be able to provide a separate space for the services to happen, including but not limited to: proper ventilation, distancing from other residents in the home, no illness in the home within 2 weeks. Full details to be discussed with the artist at the time of scheduling. Upon arrival if the agreed upon conditions are not adhered to or provided, the artist will not perform the services.

• If possible, please wear a mask while hair services are happening. Mask may be removed for makeup application.

• If either party has been ill, or lives with someone who has been ill within 7 days of the scheduled appointment, the appointment MUST be rescheduled a minimum of 2 weeks after you or your family member exhibited symptoms. Honesty and transparency are incredibly vital here. Thank you so much for keeping me and my family safe. I promise to do the same for yours. You will not be charged for missing your appointment, and there will be no rescheduling fee.

• If you have been knowingly exposed to someone with COVID19 within 2 weeks of your appointment, or you have traveled to a “hot-spot” of COVID19 within 2 weeks, your session must be rescheduled.

• Clients will be called the day before their appointment to be briefly screened before attendance. The appointment cannot happen without this conversation.

• Clients will be required to sign a waiver at their appointment before services begin. A digital copy will be sent prior to the appointment for review. Services cannot happen without the waiver being signed.

• As it is impossible to maintain a distance of 6 feet from clients, the fewer people in the space the better.

• No-contact greetings are required. Know I’m giving you a virtual squeeze.

• Appointments may take longer than usual to accommodate for enhanced safety guidelines. Thank you for your patience as I navigate this new normal. 


• Artist is fully vaccinated as of 4/24/2021. Artist will continue to wear a protective face mask at all times.

• Artist will have a seperate bag/bin for ‘used’ product to ensure no cross-contamination.

• Artist will use brushes one-time per client and sanitize daily.

• Artist will work off of a stainless-steel face palette or mirror when necessary and sanitize between clients.

• Artist will use disposable applicators on lashes, lips, and eyeliner.

• Artist will sanitize palettes daily after each use with antibacterial spray.

• Artist will use airbrush makeup when appropriate.

• Artist will use a fresh, sanitized beauty blender for each client.

• Artist will sanitize hands frequently during the session and limit facial touching of client.

• Artist will limit conversation while the client is unmasked.

• Artist will have a separate bin for all used disposable items and will be emptied after every session.

• Artist will sanitize hair brushes in between clients.

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